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Are you ready to take your business to the next level and build the life you want? One that is actually flexible around deployments, PCSing, and all the change military life throws your way?

Hi, Fellow MilSpouse!

I’m Melissa Froehlich and, just like you, I’m a military spouse working to build a business that works around even the messiest of military schedules.

It’s hard to repeatedly move and work to reestablish your career every few years, isn’t it? Plus, we all know that the military likes to throw tons of surprises our way which can make finding (and holding!) traditional jobs much harder than it may seem.

Deployments. TDY. Getting orders to Alabama only to find out, SURPRISE! You’re going to Alaska!

It can be tricky to develop a traditional career when your list of past addresses takes up three sheets of paper.

That’s why I decided to jump head first into the world of online business!

Online work is portable, flexible, and provides some much-needed extra income. It’s a perfect fit for the ever-changing world of a military spouse. 



One thing is for sure, though… online business isn’t as straightforward as it’s made out to be. 

Maybe you’ve figured that out too. Perhaps you’ve started working remotely and found that it’s a LOT harder than you ever imagined. 

Or, maybe you’re hoping to start an online business and have no clue where to start. 

But, you know that the location-independence and flexibility make it the perfect choice for you.

No matter where you are in your journey, I know that there are tons of resources out there for building an online business.

But, not many of them apply to the unique needs of military spouses.

I’ve been there, trying to build my business but not REALLY knowing if I was doing it the right way.

I had SO many questions and no one to ask that had actually been there as a MilSpouse.

I wanted more for my family. I wanted to scale my business and earn more money, even around an often unpredictable military schedule.

I wanted that flexibility to spend time with my husband and daughter, but still make good money.

And, that’s precisely what I did!

Now, I want to share my expertise with YOU!

If you’re a MilSpouse wanting to start an online business or take your business to the next level … I want to leverage all my expertise, resources, and network to help YOU succeed.

That’s why I started a FREE community geared towards helping MilSpouses find remote work opportunities, take their online businesses to the next level, make more money, and create a life they love.

One of my favorite things about MilSpouses is our ability to grow a community anywhere.

We aren’t shy!  We are savvy, RESILIENT, and resourceful!

Jumping right into friendships, networking, and helping each other out is just what we do.

That’s the kind of community we’re building, together. One that unites us and makes our businesses better.

Our common bond as MilSpouses, coupled with our business savvy and determination, make it a pretty incredible community.

Make sure to grab your very own FREE copy of my goal-setting sheet below!

This handy resource will help you narrow your focus to only doing what will move your business forward.

Ready to get started up-leveling your business to design the life you want? We would love to have you join the MilSpouse Remote Work Collective Facebook Community. 

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See you inside the community!